Imagine Then Vote was created by a group of individuals responding to the fact that approximately 55% of eligible voters exercised their right to vote in the 2016 election. Voting was the lowest it had been in 20 years, and declining voter turnout is becoming a national trend.

Imagine Then Vote seeks to inspire American citizens to engage in their civic duty. Modeled off of traditional anthems, war songs, and protest songs, Imagine Then Vote believes that music can be a powerful agent in motivating people to vote. Imagine Then Vote wants to create a song that every citizen in the nation will sing in preparation for the 2018 election.

In order to create this song, we aim to give creative power back to the people. Imagine Then Vote will hold two contests in which any citizen of any age is encouraged to apply. The first portion will be a Song Writing Contest; the second will be a Video Contest. The Advisory Board will judge the Song Writing Contest. The Video Contest will be judged by the American people through a crowd-source vote.

The hope is that every citizen of this nation will sing the winning song at the same time everyday in preparation for the 2018 election. We want every person in this country at 12 pm in their time zone to step outside of work, school or their home to sing their favorite version of the winning song.